BBC Caught Rigging 2015 General Election?

Incredible…and they get away with this kinda stuff all the time:(

By Ranjan Kumaran

It was announced yesterday that the Green Party will definitely be excluded from all live TV debates in the run up to next year’s General Election.

The controversial decision to include UKIP at the Green’s expense was made by Sky, ITV, Channel 4 and BBC.

UKIP have been included despite not having a single sitting MP until two days before the debate schedule was announced.

UKIP, funded by multimillionaire former Tory donor Paul Sykes, have benefitted from millions of pounds worth of free BBC publicity.

Unlike the Green Party’s Natalie Bennett, the UKIP leader and ex-commodities trader Nigel Farage regularly appears on BBC Newsnight, Question Time and the Today Programme.

The Greens have been snubbed despite receiving more votes per minute of TV exposure than any other UK party.

Here is 12 other reasons the Greens should have been included in the debates.

In a…

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